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About Abortion & Abortion Counselling

At Pregnancy Help Sydney, we facilitate connections to professionals providing abortion counselling, abortion grief counselling and counselling after abortions.

With a focus on respect, support and community, at Pregnancy Help Sydney we want to make sure everyone is welcome and well-taken care of when they approach us for help. That’s why we’ve created a non-judgemental, inviting space where you can share your concerns with us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Abortion is a decision made by many women in Australia every year.

Unfortunately a growing number of these women now say that this decision was made 'because they felt they had no other choice'. There are also large numbers of women who feel their decision was not a fully informed one and that they wish they had had more information about how abortion would/could impact them.


It is important that you feel in control of such a major decision and do not allow anyone to push you into making a choice you may not truly want. The 'Questions to Ask' sheet gives you a list of important questions to ask an abortion provider before you consent to any procedure.

Resources to Assist You

Abortion Counselling

Choosing to have an abortion is an emotional and impactful decision not to be taken lightly. Over the past 40 years, we’ve worked with professionals to create a caring network you can access when seeking an abortion, including abortion counselling in Sydney to prepare you for the procedure.

This allows for full transparency so you know what is likely to happen, and you’re comfortable from a medical point of view, as well as an emotional one.

Abortion Grief Counselling

After an abortion, it’s normal for some women to feel a sense of loss and grief. There’s no shame or judgement if this is something you need to access with the help of our team at Pregnancy Help Sydney.

Abortion grief counselling by qualified professionals can help you work through this at your own pace and understand how to continue on with daily life after choosing this option.

Counselling After Abortion

Even if you’re comfortable with your decision, and not experiencing grief or loss after your abortion, having someone you can talk to through supportive counselling after abortions can be incredibly helpful for many women.

To access abortion counselling, or speak to a team member regarding your options, contact us today.

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