There are hundreds of people waiting to adopt children in Australia but very few children are placed for adoption.  In 2014-2015 there were 292 adoptions in Australia* with more than a third of these adoptions from overseas.


Adoption is quite a different prospect than it was years ago, with many people now choosing an open arrangement whereby they are able to keep in touch with adoptive parents, have access to information about their child and in some cases even see their child after adoption.


It is important that you fully understand your rights with regard to adoption.  If you remain undecided about whether to raise your child yourself or relinquish your child for adoption, you have plenty of time to decide.


The final decision to place your child up for adoption is not made until after birth.


In the meantime, you can seek counseling within any of the listed agencies or at your local pregnancy support service to work through all your thoughts and feelings.




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Further Reading: 

Women's Forum Australia published their recent research on Adoption. 'Adoption Rethink' investigates current adoption practices in Australia and makes recommendations for changes that will improve adoption practices for the benefit of women and their families.