Hepatitis C


What is hepatitis C and how do you get it?
Hepatitis C is a serious viral infection that affects the liver.Because it is transmitted through blood-to-blood contact you can get it from sharing needles with an infected person. Babies can get it from their mothers during childbirth. Although most infected people have no symptoms, they can still pass on hepatitis C.


Am I safe if I only have oral or anal sex?
It may be possible to pass on hepatitis C during oral sex. It can be passed during anal sex, particularly if other STIs are present.


What happens if I'm infected?
You may have no symptoms at all. On the other hand, you could have symptoms such as weakness, loss of appetite and nausea. Your skin or eyes could look yellow. Most people who get hepatitis C infection have it for life. Life-long infection can cause liver damage, cancer and death.If you also have HIV, your hepatitis C infection may get worse faster.


How do you treat hepatitis C?
Hepatitis C can be treated with medication. The treatment is found to be effective in between 40-90% of cases although it is expensive and produces some side effects.


For more information refer to Hepatitis Australia