Options Worksheet


Before making any decision about your pregnancy, consider the following questions designed to help you sort through your thoughts and feelings. There are also some prompts to help you consider how each decision may affect you now and in the future.


  • How do I feel right now?

  • What do I see as the main problem?

  • What are my thoughts?

  • What are my options?


With each option you identify (continue with the pregnancy and parent; continue and adopt; end the pregnancy), go through each of the following questions.


  • What supports are available to me in my community?

  • What support is available to me financially?

  • Who can support me emotionally?

  • How will my relationships be affected?

    • With the baby’s father?

    • With my parents?
    • With my friends?
    • My future relationships .....Partner?.....Children?


How will I be affected?


  • Mentally?

~  How will my thoughts be affected?

  • Emotionally?

~  How will my feelings be affected?

  • Physically?

~   How will my body be affected?

  • Beliefs and values?

~  How will this affect my beliefs and values?


  • What will be the practical consequences of this decision?

~   In my work?

~   In my finances?

~   In my future plans?

~   In my education?


  • How will I feel if I make this decision?

~   Now?

~   In 9 months?

~   In 2 years?

~   In 5 years?


  • How would I feel if I were unable to fall pregnant again at a later stage in my life?

~   How would this affect my future relationships?


  • Do I have everything I need to know to make an informed decision?


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