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Unexpected Pregnancy? you are not alone

Finding out you are pregnant unexpectedly can be an anxious and confusing time, especially if you are faced with circumstances that seem challenging or overwhelming. The first thing to remember is that you are not alone. There are services available that could support you. It is important you take the time to consider all the choices available and how these will impact you.

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Thinking Through Your Choices

If you or someone you know finds themselves unexpectedly pregnant, knowing what to do next, and the choice that is right for you and your situation, can be difficult.

At Pregnancy Help Sydney, we believe having the information you need to make an informed decision is one of the simplest and most effective ways of thinking through your choices when it comes to unexpected pregnancy options.  

Here, we’ve provided you with a questionnaire we’ve found very helpful for managing expectations and going through your unexpected pregnancy options. We encourage you and your family, partner or friends to work your way through these questions to aid you in deciding which option for unexpected pregnancy is best for you. 

  • How do I feel right now?

  • What do I see as the main problem?

  • What are my thoughts?

  • What are my choices?

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How May I be affected?

  • Mentally?
  • Emotionally?​
  • Physically?​
  • Beliefs and Values?​
  • What will be the practical con​sequences of this decision?
  • How will I feel if I make this decision?​
  • How will I feel if I am unable to fall pregnant again at a later stage in my life?​
  • How will this affect my future relationships?​
If you are uncomfortable with any of your answers, you do not have to make a rushed decision.
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Things to Remember with Options for Unexpected Pregnancy

The most important thing to remember when considering these unexpected pregnancy options and the pregnancy option that is right for you and your situation is that the choice is ultimately yours.

If you’ve been through the above information/questions and are uncertain about any of your answers, remember that there is no rush for you to make your decision. You can think it over and take as much time as needed, or call our team for confidential support and solutions.

To discuss your options for unexpected pregnancy, the next steps you have available and anything else related to your pregnancy options, contact Pregnancy Help Sydney today.

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